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Quick Info: VMware Workstation network not working

Lately I moved my VMware Workstation to another machine and since then neither the vmnet NICs nor any of the VMware network services was working.
With vmware-network –status the status of the virtual NICs and netservices can be checked. I got
Bridge networking on vmnet0 is not running
DHCP service on vmnet1 is not running
Hostonly virtual adapter on vmnet1 is disabled
DHCP service on vmnet8 is not running
NAT service on vmnet8 is not running
Hostonly virtual adapter on vmnet8 is disabled
Some/All of the configured services are not running

as respons. I tried to fix that by  vmware-network –start but got Failed to start some/all services back so I started investigating. The answer to that was a missing kernel mod calles vmnet. A quick modprobe vmnet and again a restart of the service fixed the issue.

Quick Info: Debian stuck at boot due to IPv6

Lately I bought a couple HDDs to finish my home made NAS running OpenMediaVault Debian. I personally think that IPv6 should be supported by any means, so I activated it right after finishing the installation process and everything was working fine. I shut down the system during the night hours because there was no reason to leave it on because I had not yet copied any data onto the NAS.
Next day the system got stuck at bootup! At first I thought something messed up the resolv.conf because the bootup process was throwing a couple errors that indicated something like that but in the end it was the NIC waiting for an IPv6 lease from the DHCP server runnig on my fritzbox (don’t judge me, if I could this thing would take a visit to the trash can asap). The DHCP was somehow misconfigured so that Debian was waiting endlessly for an address.
I fixed it by enabling IA_PD and IA_NA in the fritzbox GUI and voilà Debian finished booting right away.