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Kategorie: Administration

Migration des Blogs zu Hugo

Das Blog (ich störe mich weiterhin sehr an diesem Artikel) lief seit seiner Entstehung auf Wordpress mit wechselnden Themes sowie Plugins. Damals noch als Weg den gleichnamigen Podcast zu publizieren, danach dann exklusiv als mein personal blog. In der Zeit musste besagtes Wordpress konstant gepflegt werden, auch in den Zeiten, in denen monate- oder jahrelang nichts publiziert wurde. Auf drei Fronten wenn man es genau nimmt, Wordpress selbst, die Themes und die Plugins.

Using Google Chromecasts with Aruba Instant APs

I bought two Aruba IAP-205 Instant access points a while back. I was stoked about deploying them in my home environment as I knew that this enterprise grade hardware is used frequently by big organisations and on events with thousand of visitors which fluenty roam from AP to AP while walking around the premises. Soon after the deployment I discovered that my Google Chromecasts could no longer be discovered by Chromecast enabled applications.

Hetzner Cloud: LUKS remote unlock on Debian

I recently decided to migrate my mailserver away from the (old) Uberspace 6 to a new, self administrated machine. Uberspace has been great but over time I demanded more features than they offer. Due to the fact that I want to keep the mailserver for my primary mail address separated from my main server, I once again compared multiple virtual server/cloud server hosters. I decided to give Hetzners new Cloud Server a go as you can use custom images to build the OS (Debian is the distribution of my choice) as you like.

Spacewalk: Failed channel syncs because of duplicate packages

A brief summary: I’m working with Spacewalk for three years now, from version 2.4 on. We manage about 350 systems, 30+ channels, 50+ repositories and 105.000+ packages. We import new packages and errata on a daily basis, roll out critical patches to stage systems automatically and do weekly/monthly patchdays on productive systems exclusively via Spacewalk. Lately the periodic syncs of our CentOS 6 x86_64 channel failed on every run. New packages stayed in the queue and could not be rolled out to our systems.

Quick Info: VMware Workstation Netzwerk funktioniert nicht

Ich habe kürzlich meine VMware Workstation auf eine neue Hostmaschine umgezogen und seitdem funktionierten weder die vmnet Interfaces noch sonst irgendein Netzwerk Service von VMware. Mittels vmware-network -status lässt sich der aktuelle Zustand der virtuellen NICs und der Netservices überprüfen. Bei mir kam Bridge networking on vmnet0 is not running DHCP service on vmnet1 is not running Hostonly virtual adapter on vmnet1 is disabled DHCP service on vmnet8 is not running NAT service on vmnet8 is not running Hostonly virtual adapter on vmnet8 is disabled Some/All of the configured services are not running was ich versuchte mit vmware-network -start zu beheben.